Our Management

Welcome to First Agro

First Agro strives to be the leading producer of fresh produce, delivering nutritious and Zero Pesticide™ vegetables and fruits which are Non-GMO. Contemporary technology meets traditional horticultural practices at First Agro. Fresh thinking allows us to harness the power of new, efficient growing technologies allowing retailers, super markets, food service companies and homes to get access to safe and fresh produce.

We are India’s first commercial grower organization with Zero Pesticide™ fresh produce complying with FAO’s and WHO’s Codex Alimentarius, the global food safety standard, for Indian domestic market. All First Agro fresh produce are also Non-GMO.

First Agro is setting up 1,500 acres of pesticide free farm production across sixteen identified locations in North, West and Southern India over the coming years. We have a matured Integrated Pest & Disease Management where nature’s beneficial insects, bio-derived neem oil and garlic along with pheromone insects traps are used effectively to manage the agriculture pests. Combination of horse, cow and poultry compost manure along with beneficial microbes helps us to maintain soil’s micro-environment and fertility, at the same time nurture the mother earth for future generations.

Growing fruits and vegetables using green and eco-friendly practices is rapidly gaining attention as local-scale farming gains popularity in the last decade. With new crop management techniques and improvement in Integrated Pest & Disease Management, it is possible to increase the quality of the produce while protecting the crop using natural methods. First Agro plans to revolutionize horticulture production with the use of modern horticulture techniques, clean and ethical farming practices and innovation to produce Zero Pesticide™ and Non-GMO fruits and vegetables of the best possible quality.

First Agro carefully selects its plants for their quality, taste, and other bio-characteristics that are not genetically modified or altered. We at First Agro are passionate about our produce yet are respectful towards local bio diversity.