Food Safety

Consumption of First Agro’s Zero Pesticide™ produce is a great way to eliminate your exposure to pesticides and harmful heavy metals commonly found in fresh produce that have been grown using conventional agricultural practices.

We do not use any pesticides and harmful toxins for plant protection. We have a matured Integrated Pest & Disease Management where nature’s beneficial insects, bio-derived neem oil and garlic along with pheromone insects traps are used effectively to manage the agriculture pests.

First Agro has adopted Codex’s standard for all its farm production. Codex Alimentarius Commission was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Codex has defined global food safety standards to ensure that consumers are not exposed to unsafe levels of hazardous and toxic materials. The Codex standards has now become the global reference point for consumers, food producers and processors, national food control agencies and the international food trade.

FAO’s and WHO’s Codex standards has had an enormous impact on the thinking of food producers and processors as well as on the awareness of the end users – the consumers. Its influence extends to every continent, and its contribution to the protection of public health and fair practices in the food trade is immeasurable. Its creation, moreover, has generated food-related scientific research and greatly increased the world community's awareness of the vital issues at stake – food quality, safety and public health.

First Agro has adopted Codex Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Pesticides and Extraneous Maximum Residue Limits as part of our farm production. MRLs for pesticides have been established by Codex to ensure that consumers are not exposed to unsafe levels of hazardous and toxic materials. Every batch of First Agro produce is tested and certified by reputed Food Safety Test laboratories to ensure on-going compliance to Codex standards.

For details on Codex, please visit YouTube to see an overview of Codex titled “Based on science - built on trust” at and download “Understanding Codex” PDF document from Codex Alimentarius. Please visit Codex Alimentarius at