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Today’s customers in the information age are discerning, savvy and demand quality food. They are more health conscious than ever before! Consumption of First Agro’s Zero Pesticide™ produce is a great way to eliminate your exposure to pesticides and harmful heavy metals commonly found in fresh produce that have been grown using conventional agricultural practices.

What are the benefits our customers can expect from us?

Our produce is all grown in First Agro owned and managed farms. The selection of the right cultivar coupled with efficient crop and Integrated Pest & Disease Management; allow us to ensure the healthiest plants, producing the healthiest and quality fruit.

Food Safety
First Agro does not use any pesticides and harmful toxins for plant protection. All our produce are also Non-GMO. We have a matured Integrated Pest & Disease Management where nature’s beneficial insects, bio-derived neem oil and garlic along with pheromone insects traps are used effectively to manage the agriculture pests. This pesticide free production coupled with compliance to World Health Organization (WHO) Codex’s standards ensures safe and highest levels of food safety in India.

All farm production is based on two batches and fifty two weekly lots in a calendar year. Every shipment and produce from farm to retailer can be traced to a production batch and lot. So as a customer, you know the origin of the First Agro fresh produce.

Environment Sustainability
First Agro uses sustainable growing practices. All crops are grown in safe, clean and environmentally friendly conditions. Our “earth friendly” growing practices ensure long term sustainability, efficient utilization of resources and respect for local bio diversity. Our compost manure with beneficial microbes helps us to maintain soil’s complex micro-environment and fertility, at the same time nurture the mother earth for future generations. Our drip-irrigation systems allow us to reduce water consumption by 70% over conventional agriculture thus conserving natural resources.

When you as a customer will buy First Agro produce, you are assured of food safety for your loved ones and peace of mind for a healthy future ahead!

This trust and reliability ensures consistently excellent produce, trusted brand equity, strong customer relationships, faster delivery times, and improved operating efficiencies.